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 where's that confounded bridge?

Your Name: steff
Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Song: when the levee breaks and misty mountain hop!
Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Album: oh jesus...houses of the holy? its hard to pick one!
Where you Live: toronto, ontario (canada!)
Your Age: 20 (yes, a youngin' i've been giving zeppelin all of my love for about 8 years)
How you found out about this community: i just really love this band, so i searched for it.
Where you promoted this community: in my own journal? all of the communities i'm a part of don't allow off-topics posts...
Whatever else you want to add about yourself, this community, anything, just Ramble On: i just feel like i literally love led zeppelin's music. just everything about it rubs me the right way. i love how they encorporated so many different sounds and made it their own. i deteste when people clump zeppelin in with "hair bands", yes those lads had gorgeous (still do...eeer, kinda) maines of hair, but that doesn't mean their beautiful music is anything like those "hair bands"...

i also think the category of 'hard rock' is an interesting one to stick them in....i suppose at the time (mainly the 70s) it might have been appropriate.

when i got caught listening to LEZ ZEPPELIN my girlfriend was like, "so, looks like they combine two of your favourite things...led zeppelin and lesbians!" and its true...

i just want to talk about led zeppelin all the live long day.

and i'd really love to meet people that feel as passionalty for them as i do.

gosh, i need to get back to work!

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