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Zeppelin at the O2!!!!

London was AMAZING, not only was I lucky enough to go, I was lucky enough to get floor seats!

We scratched, clawed, kicked and elbowed our way to the front, I was about 15ft away from Jimmy!!!

Here are some pics! and the videos that came out!

The camera would only let us get about a minute and a half of each song, but they still came out pretty good!

Here is Stairway on Amy's youtube, I completely lost it when this started to play...

Jimmy with the violin bow

In My Time of Dying

Amy and Me (The blond) Standing in line

"In My Time of Dying"

"Black Dog"

"Trampled Underfoot"

I don't care if he has white hair! He's still wicked sexy!

So basically, it was amazing, I could try to explain hat it was like, but I don't beieve that words could do it justice.

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